Late For Work - Online Multiplayer


VR players can join a multiplayer game online in which every player is a giant gorilla. The online prototype contains the main city map of the original game and features one deathmatch game mode.

Players can either punch the other players or throw objects at them. Furthermore, bombs appear across the town over time that explode on impact and cause more damage than regular objects.

Client-Side Prediction

As all physics simulation is handled on the host machine players that pick up an object will notice the latency. The object lerps behind the hand.

To address this issue I create a fake model on the client side. When the object is thrown I gradually interpolate from the client-side model back to the server model.

Bandwidth optimization.

Optimizing the bandwidth is important for fast-paced games with lots of network objects like Late For Work.

I added an option to visualize the network synchronization calls. Physics objects are only synchronized when they are in the player's hand, get thrown, collide, stop moving or start moving.


If you would like to have a gorilla battle please contact me at

If you would like to test the single player version of Late For Work please send me a mail and I will send you a Steam key.

You can read the full development report here.